Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunshine in the Soul

Magandang umaga family! 
this week has been full of some great things! 
First of all general conference! Hooray for the Philippines getting a fourth temple! President Koster says the new Manila temple will be probably further south, we already have a temple in our mission haha so it won't be too close to here. Then my first mission president, President Revillo, has been called as an area seventy! Crazy world! 
I was amazed how many of the talks were about the Holy Ghost and about the Godhead. I didn't really realized before my mission how amazing it is that we have modern revelation about Heavenly Father and who He really is. Most of the people we meet here believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are all one person. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we have! I actually was talking to a guy on the Jeepney on the way back from watching general conference, and he said he didn't believe in Jesus Christ, only God the Father. I'm grateful for the testimony that I have about Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ, and for opportunities that we have as missionaries to teach and testify what we know. :) 
We had 2 investigators move this week and 2 more stopped taking the lessons...it's been disappointing but are we discouraged? Of course not! :) I know Heavenly Father will help us as we do our best :) I testify that there are people being prepared everywhere to hear about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! 
That's really all I've got this week. Mahal ko kayo! Piliin ang tama at ingat kayo palagi! 
-Sister Behunin

By the way some flight information came in the last mail run. It's getting close, I don't want to go home! 

1. my mang inasal made a face haha 

 2. my feelings about this letter coming in the mail run 
 3. The macallian family (elen and her two kids are moving we are so sad)
 4. I'm gonna miss this kids!