Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Certain Women"

Magandang umaga po family! 
I can't believe it's already April! The time is just so fast! 
This week has been pretty great. I know I'm a week behind in terms of General Conference but Women's conference was amazing! The overall message that I got was that we really need to draw closer to the Savior, to lose our selves in the service of others and strive to always be disciples of Jesus Christ :). 
Sister Burton's message was so powerful, about certain women in the scriptures being disciples of the Savior. I have been reading the New Testament lately, and the story of Martha and Mary is one of my favorites. Martha is so busy trying to provide temporal needs, but doesn't realize how much more needed is the spiritual nourishment that comes from listening to the Savior Himself. We need to take care of temporal needs of course, but it's that true, spiritual development that we need most of all. 
We are teaching two brothers, Mariel and Dominique, and they are so progressing! They have come to church together many times with Patricia, who was less active before but decided on her own she needs to come back to church :) They are all so amazing! We are looking forward to their upcoming baptisms :) 
We had a funny experience the other day while we were looking for a referral. The streets of our area are so hard haha because they are all just numbered, and each of the streets has an old number and a new number. and they are not in any way in order haha. So like one street is number 73 and then the next street over is like 423, then the next number 5 etc etc so the spirit is really all we've got in finding where these people live haha :). It got to the point where we decided to just ask at the Barangay Hall..which is like a city hall but for just a small portion of the city. We were directed to a room with some police officers (I don't really know why haha) and they were like "come in come in, how can we help you?", and then they were all shocked I could speak Tagalog and then they had a million questions about who we were, about the church. Well long story short, we still haven't been able to find that referral, but we were able to give pamphlets to a bunch of police officers and a few of them are interested in being taught the discussions! Yay! Heavenly Father really works in His own ways :)  
I'm excited for conference! Here we watch it all re broadcasted at the stake center from like 9 am until 2 pm. Everyone brings food, we eat lunch between sessions as a ward. It's so great and we have a lot of investigators who committed to come :) Let's pray they will make it! 
Thanks for everything! Mahal ko kayo! :) 
-Sister Behunin 

exchanges with sister Valdez :) 

1. at women's conference
2. our cute district mates (my trainer and her new trainee :) )
3. our super stylish and cute recent convert ching kay haha she's the first person I taught who is "american size" 
4. city life