Sunday, March 12, 2017

Summer's Back

Magandang umaga family!
Well I am hitting my second round of a Philippines summer and it's HOT! It's good because in a few weeks kids will be out of school and it will be easier to teach families. It's bad because I walk around all day feeling like we are in a steam room haha. 
Ching-kay (Kathleen) passed her baptismal interview so yay! She's truly amazing. She will be baptized next week and we are so so excited for her! She is a referral from the bishop's wife so she has had the most awesome support. 
This week we had an experience with Renato and his little kids. We dropped by his house saturday to invite them to church and he said "sorry sisters, but I have work tomorrow". Immediately his daughter started tugging on his shirt saying "come on papa, just be absent, tell them that you're sick so we can go to church". in her little 6 year voice. I about died it was soo cute! They weren't able to come but I have faith in their family! They are so amazing!
Anyway sorry for my short email but that's really all for this week. I sent a letter with a sister who is entering the Provo MTC this week so it should get to you by next week. :)
Mahal ko kayo! Pumili ang tama :) 
-Sister Behunin 

2. district bowling:

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4. exchanges with Taguig sisters, sis isaac and sister avila 

5. sister isaac from pakistan 
  1. on exchanges. The haggared look is a norm for my hair haha.