Thursday, June 29, 2017

Temple day

Magandang Hapon family!

I'm on late this week because we had our temple day today so our p day got moved to Wednesday  for this week....but what an amazing blessing to be able to go to the temple! I really feel so much peace and comfort every time we get to go :)

Anyway it's started to hit me that everything is at it's lasts. Last temple day and last zone interviews were this week. It was so nice to have an interview with President Koster, he is the best! Haha we spent half the interview talking about our area and the other half talking about adjusting to the idea that I will be home soon.  It's crazy to think the next time I have an interview with President Koster it will be my exit interview! It's so strange to talk about because I really don't feel like it's true. I still feel like I have so much time left to do this amazing work!

We had a truly amazing week this week! We are seeing miracles left and right in our area. One of of investigators, Genivine, told us that she prayed about our message and the Book of Mormon and she believes it's true! Her story goes like this: She was up late one night because of her 1 year old son, and while her baby was falling back asleep she said she was thinking about the things we were teaching her, and she just decided to pray and ask if it was all true. She said it was like her mind lit up, and all her thoughts became so clear, and she truly felt that Heavenly Father was answering her! It's such a testimony builder to me, because everyday as missionaries we testify that anyone who has a sincere heart, who prays about the Restoration, who reads and prays about the Book Of Mormon, can receive an answer. And then it happens! And people's lives are changed because of it. Genivine has come to church twice now and has a desire to be baptized. We are still working things out with her husband but she is truly progressing so much. She's amazing!

Salamat sa pagmamahal niyo! Mahal ko kayo! :) Love you all!

-Sister Behunin

unplanned acts of service haha. Thanks dad for teaching me how to garden ;) 

1, at church

2 at church

3 in our area

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