Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Baptisms and Area Broadcast

Magandang Umaga family!
This week was once again filled to the brim with miracles. I truly love this area and I love the ward here in Antipolo! This week is transfer week and Sister Richards and I are staying together, so she is my last companion! It's my last transfer (6 weeks) as a full time missionary and honestly it feels like I have an entire year left haha I don't feel like it's actually coming to an end. 18 months is crazy fast...
Anyway the three Dillera Sisters were baptized this last week! Their family was a referral from a member, and honestly their testimonies are amazing and powerful. Their mother came to the baptism and she cried hearing her daughters bear powerful testimonies of the Book of Mormon! After when we talked to Nanay Dillera she said "don't worry sisters it's close. Tatay and I will be baptized soon." The ward has been a huge support and we know that their mom and dad are going to follow soon and be baptized as well, when they are ready. :) 
We had a really nice Area Broadcast last Sunday at the Stake Center. Elder Bednar and some other general authorities gave some talks and it was a broadcast from Salt Lake City to all over the Philippines. I was really inspired when Elder Bednar talked about what it means to be a consecrated member of the Church. He talked about the importance of not just being willing to give all that we own to the Lord, but also willing to consecrate our whole selves-who we are-to being followers of Christ and in building the Kingdom of Heaven here in this life. It's truly amazing to me, to see myself as I have changed just as a missionary. Jesus Christ really makes it possible for us to become the people that we are meant to be! I have really learned as a missionary that it's one thing to repent and change our actions to become more like the Savior, but it's another thing to change who we are, change the desires and wills of our hearts to align with the will of Heavenly Father. Life is just full of miracles and It's amazing to me to be able to see hearts changing as people accept and live the Gospel!  
That's all for this week. Mahal ko kayo! :)
-Sister Behunin 

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