Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Lord is my LIGHT :)

Magandang Umaga family!
Yes we had another miracle-filled week! We are teaching some really amazing people and I am soo grateful to be here sharing this wonderful message with them. 
The Dellera girls, April, Melrose, and Nina will be baptized this upcoming June 10 and we are so excited for them! They have been to church for about 2 months straight now, and they are more than ready. We were hoping to have the whole family baptized together, but Nanay and Tatay are just not quite there yet. We had a pretty amazing lesson with them last Saturday, Tatay said that he has the desire to be baptized, but it's not yet the time, and Nanay keeps telling her friends and neighbors that they are becoming Mormons soon haha. Hopefully seeing their three daughters enter the waters of baptism will help them to see how amazing it all is! 
Exchanges with Sister Prajes was awesome! She inspires me talaga :)
Rainy season is coming! We've had entire days of pouring rain, it's time to break out the rubber shoes again because we sometimes have to walk through flood water to get to our investigators haha :) 
We had a crazy experience yesterday in Pasig! Our mission has a little choir and we practice every p-day, so we were there in Pasig to sing at a missionary fireside. Halfway through the fireside there was a brown-out, so all the lights went out and the aircon shut off! While we were waiting for the lights to come back on, (especially the aircon haha) we decided to all sing hymns about light to pass the time haha. So we ended up with a dark chapel full of members and missionaries singing "The lord is my LIGHT" "Lead kindly LIGHTt". etc etc. We had just sung the last verse of "teach me to walk in the LIGHT" when the lights came back on! It was a memorable experience, and I really know that the Lord will always bring us LIGHT, even in the darkest days, (and brownouts haha) :) 
That's all for this week! Thanks for the emails :)
Mahal ko kayo!
-Sister Behunin 

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