Sunday, November 27, 2016

I love Pasig!

Magandang Umaga po family!
I love pasig city!
Our area is really so so small. It's like this one really long street that has little eskinitas (like really little roads) going off on each sides. The houses here in the city are really close together, but it's great because everywhere we go there are people to talk to about the gospel! 
This past Saturday our investigator, Idon was baptized! She is 15 years old, she comes from a part-member family. Her parents were baptized and so was her older sister, but the only reason Idon wasn't baptized was because she ended up growing up in the house of her very catholic aunt. She is now living with her mom and sister here in the city, and she had already known the church to be true and had gone been to church a whole bunch so we pretty much taught her all the discussions in a week haha. She is so great and we are so happy for her :) 
The zone is also so great! There are A LOT of sisters in this zone, which is a big change from Quezon City zone where there were only four of us. The ward isn't small or big. We pretty much fill up our little meeting house during sacrament though so that's great! Yes mom I see Americans all the time haha. My kabahay (housemate) is from West Jordan Utah haha. When we are out working though, I usually don't see any other foreigners. I actually find myself staring when I see someone who is not filipino (and not a missionary) haha I guess that's how it is when others see me?
Last night we went with some of the young men to give a special sacrament meeting to an old Nanay in our ward who hasn't been able to come to church in a long time because of sickness. It was such a sweet experience, knowing that this nanay was able to renew her covenants even though she wasn't physically able to go to church. She was so happy so see us, she is very old and she can't speak very clearly, but whenever we ask her how she is gives us a big thumbs up haha. I feel so blessed to be a part of these simple experiences :) 
How are things back home? How is the missionary work in our ward? It's great that we just had a convert baptism! 
Sorry no pics again this week. We are trying a new computer shop this week and the internet is reeaallly slow. That's okay though :) Next week for sure!
Love you! The gospel is the best! Missionary work is the best! haha :)
-Sister Behunin

Welcome to Pasig City!

Magandang Umaga po family!
It's been a crazy week of adjusting to a new ward and a new area but it's been great!
My new companion is named Sister Petallar. She is from Bohol, Philippines. This is her first transfer out of training but really I feel she knows much more about missionary work than I do haha. She is so sweet and great! She loves to sing and so do I so we just sing together all the time haha. I'm grateful to have such a fun, proactive, loving companion!
In answer to mom's question, Pasig is it's own city. And by city I really mean city with big buildings and skyscrapers and traffic.( like it takes us about an hour to travel to church sometimes). Here in the Philippines Quezon City Mission there are tons of zones (like pasig) that are their own cities, but they are all clumped together into this one really big city known as metro manila haha. Basically the only hope I have of getting out of the big city life is if I get assigned to one of the provinces, (Morong, or Mindoro (Island)). It doesn't really matter where I am assigned, but I wonder if at any point of my mission I will be assigned to the provinces. 
The ward is great! We don't have our own church building yet here so the two wards have a meeting house in the 2nd floor of an office building. It's so great! They had their primary program yesterday and I really love seeing the little kids bearing their testimony of the Savior and even the nursury kids were able to sing "I am a child of God". It was so cute!
It's a struggle learning a new area but I am so grateful for the ward and for our investigators and for my companion. Things are looking great in Pasig 2nd ward and I'm excited to be a part of the work here :) 
This week I think more than any other time I have really learned the importance of turning to the Lord for answers to our questions. We have had a lot of struggles these past few days trying to find answers to some questions about our investigators. Because it seems that everyone we ask (bishop, zone and district leaders, president) seems to have a different answer, me and Sister Petallar have really seen how important is to go to the Lord first and foremost. I know and testify that this applies to everything! Every decision we make, we need to take it to the Lord. He will help us. I've really learned (not perfectly haha) to recognize the promptings of the Spirit in this work. Heavenly Father can see everything, the things that we can't see yet because it's further down the road. As we trust His will and follow the promptings of the spirit, we will see miracles!
Anyway, I love you so much! Thanks for everything!
-Sister Behunin 


Miracles! (And transfers)

Magandang Umaga family!
The day has come that I am being transferred...I have been in Tandang Sora for almost 6 months and I'm so sad my time here has come to an end. I have been assigned to serve in Pasig City, (which is basically a suburb of Quezon City). I am excited and nervous for what lies ahead in my new area! 
 this week has been full of some MIRACLES!
Fely was baptized on Saturday (miracle!). She is a long time investigator and her progression these past few weeks has just been so amazing. Now she is pumping out referrals for us to teach like crazy! Go Fely! Her testimony was so sweet, she shared with us how she has always felt that the savior was close to her, and realized in her life she had always been the one distancing herself from Him. It was such a sweet blessing to see her growth these past few months. 
Also I had such a sweet experience when we had last-minute MTC exchanges with the batch coming from Provo. Guess who I got to exchange with? SISTER WHALEY! (miracle!). If you recall, she was my first companion in the Provo MTC who ended up going home because of some health problems. Now she's here (9 months later) in the philippines and I got to spend an afternoon working in our area with her and another sweet sister from Utah named sister Novilla. It was so fun! We went street contacting together and a really cute lady named Merryle let us in to teach her and her cute baby boy! (Miracle!). Yay for new investigators and mtc exchanges! 
Also we had a whole family come to church that has been less active for years! (miracle!).
Anyway, I'm excited for what's ahead in my new area! Thanks for the love!
-Sister Behunin

Happy November Family!

I am so grateful for this past week!
We have been seeing many miracles in this area and my heart is so full of joy for the progression of those we have been teaching. 
Eleonor was baptized ! Yay!! Her testimony was literally a replay of everything she experienced as we have taught her the discussions haha it was so long. But it was so so sweet! My favorite part was when she said that she really started feeling what we taught was true was when she started reading the "Book of Mormons". I really have seen the power of the book of mormon in conversion as I have been a missionary. I never really realized how key the Book of Mormon is in everything! in Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, in having the priesthood power restored, if you can gain a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true, everything else just falls into place. So I commit you all to read it daily! :) 
Also our investigator Fely, has shown huge progression these past weeks! She passed her interview and will be baptized this upcoming Saturday. Yaay! She is the result of many missionaries before us teaching her, helping her get to this point. I've really learned that we should never ever give up on anyone! It's all up to the Lord's timing, not ours. We need to continue serving and loving those around us even if they don't accept the gospel right away! I'm just grateful I get to be a part of Fely's journey in receiving the gospel. 
We had a stake missionary fireside yesterday and we got to hear the testimonies of some recent converts in the Stake. I remember one ysa sister was talking and she said something I really liked. She said as she became a member of the church, one thing she really learned was to seek council rather than have self-pity in the hard times. I've really learned that when things are hard it's really okay to seek help haha. Heavenly Father has given us so many resources to help us endure through our trials: Personal revelation through prayer, scripture reading, talking to family members, seeking help from church leaders, priesthood blessings. And the biggest help of all is found in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's there for us, and it always will be! I'm just so grateful for my Savior who can really help us through anything and everything!
Anway, I love you all, Have a fantastic week!
-Sister Behunin.

Happy Halloween

Alison Marie Behunin

Oct 30
to Kathyme
I kind of forgot about halloween because here they start Christmas in September hehe. I was wondering why all the little kids are dressed up like Elsa from frozen (ha even until now) when I remembered about this holiday! Make me proud with your amazing costumes. This year I think I will be a sister Missionary :) (haha cheesy statement I know). 
Anyway, we had a really fun week this week! We got to have STL exchanges with sister soriano (who is SOO sweet), sister Fernandez stayed in Tandang Sora and I got to go to the area of sister Soriano. It's funny because all the people in the area were panicked that there was a transfer and sister Soriano's companion was gone. Nope just one day! It's always fun to see new places, especially because I've been in Tandang Sora for the past 5 months haha. 
Then on Friday we had an appointment at the church, where the practice for the primary program was going on. Long story short, Sister Fernandez and I ended up singing "I want to be a missionary now" with the primary kids in their program on Sunday haha. It was so fun, I think one of my favorite parts of the Primary program was seeing Lanie's (who was just baptized) two little 3 and 4 year old boys say "I am a Child of God" and "I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer" as their part in the program. It makes me really realize how Lanie's baptism didn't just impact her own life, but the lives of her children as well who now have an opportunity to grow up in a christ centered home, with their dad who now holds the melchezidick priesthood, and they can grow up knowing that they are children of God, and that they have a savior who loves them. Aw man it was just such a sweet special moment. :) 
Our investigator Eleonor passed her interview and will be baptized on Saturday so we are very very excited about that! We started teaching her about a month ago and we are so proud of how far she has come. After we taught her about the word of wisdom, she went from drinking coffee every day to absolutely none at all right away! She is so great, we are so excited for her and so grateful for her example of faith :) 
Anyway that's all for this week! Thanks for the love from home! mmmwah! haha 
Mahal ko kayo lagi! 

-Sister Behunin