Monday, September 26, 2016

Zone Activity! (finally)

What a good week!
We had like a million missionary meetings and interviews so we didn't get to teach a whole lot, but Heavenly Father has really been showering us in blessings! 
Our investigator, Lanie, has passed her interview and will be baptized on Saturday! We are soo proud and excited for her to be able to make this sacred covenant with our Heavenly Father. We are also excited because her husband Nephi (she is a part member) will get to be the one to baptize her! And then Lanie referred to us a family that we've started teaching and they all came to church on Sunday! That feeling we have when an investigator walks through the door Sunday morning was times a million when we had a lot more investigators than planned at church yesterday. It was just such a good good feeling. 
Our new ward mission leader has only been a member for about a year, so we have been really doing our best in supporting him in his new calling. He was a little nervous to teach gospel principles class on sunday, but he did such a good job! I really believe and feel that our callings in the church are really not given entirely because of our own experience and abilities. Heavenly Father gives us a calling, and we learn and grow because of it. That's how I feel everyday as a missionary! I have not been called to this work because of my own talents, that is for sure! He is really helping and guiding me and Sister Fernandez along every path we take, and every lesson we teach. 
We also finally had a zone activity this transfer! We have a new mission rule where we can have two every cycle and it was such a good break! We had an "amazing race" around this huge park called Quezon City Circle. It was such a blast!
Well that's all for this week. Love ya all lots!
-Sister Behunin

Magandang Umaga po to the greatest Family ever!

I don't know why but seeing all these families come together in the gospel really makes me just love you guys even more. Shucks!
This week has been great. We have an investigator, Lanie, preparing for baptism (hopefully it will be next week.) She is married to a member who was less active before, but as she's been taught, they are becoming active together! They have two little boys who call us "soul sisters". Their little family is the best! She used to live in California so our lessons with her are in Taglish which is weird but fun :) 
We had a pretty eventful day yesterday in church when a lot of people were absent, so last minute I took on the responsibility of pianist, sacrament speaker, and sunday school teacher. I really feel that church callings will be no sweat after this whole mission thing haha. 
We also had a feast at a meal appointment with our stake president yesterday. Oh my gulay there was so much food. There was shrimp, fried chicken, roasted pork, pancit (noodles in english?), rice, spaghetti, ice cream, cake, buko salad, oh man. It was like in that errand of angels movie where the sisters had to eat like 12 courses. I didn't have breakfast this morning because I was still full haha. I'm praying that next transfer I will go somewhere with a mountain so I can lose all this weight I've gained. Haha joke lang. I love Tandang Sora :) 
Anyway this last week was great. I miss ya all a whole lot but I am a very happy (and chubby) sister missionary :). 
Mahal Kita!
-Sister Behunin 

This week has just been so much fun!

About my toe, well the toenail is gone. Sister Koster had me go to the doctor and instead of just cutting the ingrown part the doctor just pulled the whole thing out. So that's been fun haha. It hurt pretty bad  so I was allowed to wear flip flops for a few days of proselyting haha. 
We've been working party in the area of Sister Mayo (who shares our apartment) because her companion had an emergency. While working in her area, we taught some investigators who were so so poor that they didn't have any electricity. It was medyo nighttime so we taught the whole lesson with just two candles to give us light. It was nice, cozy and quiet, really. Haha while we were teaching her investigators about the law of chastity, we talked a just a little bit about how men/boys shouldn't wear earrings, and one of the investigators just took out his earring and threw it out the window. Haha and then when we moved on to word of wisdom, another investigator pulled out his cigarettes and started crushing them, saying "goodbye my cigarrettes, until....tomorrow! (haha hopefully he was joking). It kind of all felt like a scene from a movie. 
I have really been thinking this week about the chapter from Mosiah 24, where the members of the church are so burdened because of Amulon. As they prayed in their hearts for deliverance, the voice of the Lord came to them and told them that he would ease their burdens, and help them to become strong so they could handle them. I really liked this because that's just how it is sometimes. When we have heavy burdens or things that are just so so hard, Heavenly Father doesn't always just take those things away. But he makes us stronger so that we can handle them. That's kind of how I have felt during my time here. The burdens of missionary work are in no way easier. But as time as passed, and as I have been relying on my Savior for help, I have been able to accomplish the things that need to be accomplished as a missionary. The language, the teaching, the socializing, the planning, it's all still so so hard. But everyday I am becoming more capable of accomplishing those things, with the help of Heavenly Father and of my Savior :) It's really the same thing for all things we do everyday, not just on missions. We need to be patient and faithful to our Father's plan for us. If we do that, he will always deliver us :)
I looove you. Keep doing missionary work :)
-Sister Behunin 

Magandang Umaga tatay dearest.

We had an experience the other day where my apartment mate had to get rushed to the hospital because she was having some kind of attack...they didn't take her mission maxi care card because she's a visa waiting missionary, and since her and none of the other sisters from our apartment had enough extra funds to cover it, I just paid the medical fee. Don't worry ill get reimbursed for it and it was only like 50 US dollars. But that's why I had to take out money before...
I'm thinking about sending a little package home for christmas...it will cost about 100 dollars, so let me know if its a good idea or if I just just wait until next year when I come home haha. 
I love you! keep me updated on the house and stuff!
-Sister Behunin 

Magandang Umaga Family!

It's the "ber" months, so the Christmas season has officially started here. I'm starting to see the Santa's pop up everywhere and one of my kabahays wanted to start listening to Christmas hymns. Haha and I thought christmas came too early in America. 
It's raining all the time here and it's funny to see what the people do here to avoid getting their head wet. Haha if someone doesn't have an umbrella you will see them walking with a small towel on their head. So that even though the rest of their body is soaked at least the top of their head is dry! 

I have just been seeing miracles in answered prayers! One example was yesterday, the first counselor in the bishopric asked us to accompany a very old member couple to church, and the tatay is so old that walking is difficult for him. The tricycle terminal was so far I was worried he wouldn't be able to make it the whole way. So I said a prayer, "Heavenly Father, please send us a tricycle as soon as possible so tatay will be okay." I had barely said amen when we heard the "zoooom" of a tricycle behind us. I really know that Heavenly Father hears and answers even the simplest prayers!

Sister Fernandez and I are really trying to do our very best to meet the mission goals, especially in terms of really helping people become converted to the Savior. I have seen and met way too many members become less active so soon after their baptisms, and I just don't want that!  I know that as we follow the direction of the spirit and focus on the needs of those we teach, we will really will be able to see people make the decision to come unto Christ whole-heartedly. We've also started teaching multiple families, and we realized that is the best and really the only way we are going to be able to meet the area goals of weekly baptisms, to just be really focusing on families! 

I'm grateful always for this mission, and of course for this gospel :)
Mahal na mahal ko kayo! Ingat palagi!
-Sister Behunin