Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Surprise Temple Day!

Magandang hapon po family!

So we didn't get our transfer schedule until just recently so I wasn't able to write and tell you we had a temple p-day this week. Surprise! But a trip to the temple was just so nice. It helps me have a more eternal perspective of all the struggles and rough things about missionary work.  

My Anak sister Fernandez is doing so great. She is still adjusting to the life and schedule of being in the field but she is so hardworking so it's really no problem! She is doing her best, sometimes really I feel like the one being trained ha. Sister Fernandez is 21 years old from Bacolod Philippines. She has such a happy personality and just has no problem talking to people so it's great! 

I'm still not too great at Tagalog, I mean I am able to have pretty steady conversations with people but sometimes I still do not understand everything. One of our leaders told us that we need to make 30000 mistakes to become fluent haha so I'm very much willing to keep trying. Anak sometimes has to translate for me but most often I'm able to hold a conversation so I'm proud of myself for that :)

We are teaching a new investigator, Maon. She told us she was so very willing to listen to our message because she read in the pamphlet we had given her that Heavenly Father's plan for us is all about the family. She has a sibling who is a member and she told us she wants her family to become more united in their relationship, since her kids and her husband all have different religious views. She told us she wants her family to come together and have just one religion. I'm so excited to teach her...hopefully we can get the rest of her family involved in the lessons as well! 

Anyway it's been a fun transfer already and Heavenly Father is really stretching me as this is the first time I've been taking the lead on things. I'm really grateful for this calling as a missionary and I'm glad I still have so much time left to make the best of it. :)

That's all for this week! Thanks for the looove

-Sister Behunin