Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ito ang aking pinakamamahal na anak

Hello Family!
I am loving this new transfer and it hasn't even been a full week yet. I'm positive me and my anak were destined to be companions haha. 
First I want to share an experience I had on the way to the mission home last Wednesday. I was in the taxi and I had the thought that I should start up a conversation with the driver. I had gotten up pretty early to be on time for the meeting (because that's how the traffic is here in Quezon City), and I just kind of ignored the impression because I was tired and thought it didn't matter since no one was watching anyway. Immediately after that thought the thought came "but Heavenly Father is watching". So I repented and opened up my mouth, and the result was just a really awesome experience.
We talked about his life, why I was here in the Philippines, etc. He opened up that his parents passed away recently and that it was something difficult for him since he wasn't yet married and didn't have a family of his own. I told him all about the Plan of Salvation, and how if he listened and acted on the things that the missionaries had to teach, he would be able to be with his family for eternity with Heavenly Father. It was perfect because like right when I was telling him about eternal families, the driver made a wrong turn and we ended up passing right in front of the Manila Temple. He cried, I cried, oh man the spirit was so strong. 
As for my anak, Sister Fernandez...she's just absolutely amazing. Like she's the one training me haha I am learning SO MUCH from her. About listening to the spirit, teaching more according to needs. We have a little bit of a language barrier because her first language is Ilongo and my first language is English and we are both here learning to speak Tagalog. Her Tagalog is great really, and it's fun. I just see it as a way to really push myself in learning the language more. 
Anyway thanks for the updates! Missionary work is so awesome! :) 
-Sister Behunin 

It's A Girl!

Magandang Tanghali Family!
Guess what! I'm gonna be a Nanay! (Mom!) I got a very unexpected call last night from the AP's telling me that I am going to be training this upcoming transfer! I am completely overwhelmed and I feel completely under qualified, but I've got the Lord on the side so I know it's gonna be okay. I'm still sooo nervous. Tomorrow morning I have to travel to the mission home by myself for the entrance meeting and workshops and I'll be assigned my Anak (child) there. I pray that she's a Filipina because my Tagalog is of course still a work in progress, and if we both were foreigners I think all of our investigators would be very confused haha. 
ALSO I found out that my kabahay's new companion is MY Nanay Sister Dolino! So that means my trainer will be my housemate while I'm training. Ha maybe she'll be able to give me some advice on this whole thing. 
Our new mission president, President Koster is so so great, as well as Sister Koster. They brought their whole family out here (besides their oldest who is serving in S. America) which they said was a very difficult thing for them, but I am so grateful for the sacrifices they have all made. I'm excited because they are very much like a mom and dad to all of us :) Both President and Sister Koster served in Baguio philippines so I am excited for the help that they can bring to PQCM right now. 
We have just started teaching a sister named Dudes, the house help for one of the members. She has a sincere desire to learn Heavenly Father's plan for her. She's already been to church multiple times now so I hope she's going to be progressing. But of course me and my anak still have a whole lot of finding to do :) I'm excited for this next transfer!
Thanks for the love! That's all for this week :)
-Sister Behunin
ps tell sis Parrish I bawled when I saw her newsletter. I'm just so happy that so many of my classmates are doing this same awesome work right now. :)