Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Goodbye Antipolo...

Transfers are here and tomorrow I'm heading to the Quezon City Zone! Antipolo is what we call here my "birth place" and I'm really going to miss it! I'm the only one in our district getting transferred so right now I just feel like the loser getting kicked out of the club. Maybe I'm just moving on to bigger and better things :) I really am excited for the new experiences but just a little nervous for what's ahead! But, I know that Heavenly Father is continuously stretching me so that I can continue to grow here.

As for this week, we've had some ups and downs as usual. We have been pushing ourselves to extend bapdates the first lesson, and now we have 24 investigators with baptismal dates. Our goal has been FINDING FOCUS. We have many investigators but only a few who are really progressing. So our goal is to focus on those progressing, so we can meet the mission standard of excellence of two baptisms per month.

Right now our most progressing investigator is Tatay Pablo. He is so so funny. He is 78 years old, an ex Iglesia ni Cristo, but he loves the gospel and he knows it's true. He reads the book of mormon all the time, in fact he finished reading the whole Book of Mormon and has moved on to Joseph Smith History. When we followed up on his experience he pointed to his triple and said "that man is a prophet of God". He's so awesome! We are still working on his word of wisdom problem, he has completely quit coffee and alcohol, now he just needs to stop smoking. Pray for tatay Pablo! 

We've had so many experiences this transfer that is building my testimony that Heavenly Father is just putting us in the right place at the right time. While on a jeepney, a guy sitting across from us asked us about our religion and asked if we could teach him. As we've been teaching him I really see that he is so ready for the gospel. He came to church the other week and when we followed up on his experience he said he felt that Heavenly Father was giving him a big hug, and he felt that he was in the right place. 

And then earlier this week as we were walking. a lady on her bike came zooming around the corner, and as soon as she saw us she immediately pulled over and asked, "hey are you guys mormon?" She told us she has been dating an active member and has been thinking about taking the lessons for a long time now. It has been so crazy because usually we have to talk to everyone to find investigators but lately people have been coming to us. So many miracles! I'm sad I won't be here to see how these people progress but I pray for them everyday!
I'm excited to see what is ahead in my new area! Next transfer we also get our new mission president so it's gonna be all around crazy here in PQCM! 

Love you!
Sister Behunin