Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Week of Ups and Downs

Hello Family!

First of all I love and miss you. Don't worry mom I've only cried a few times this transfer ;) Haha joke lang but really I am grateful everyday for my decision to be out here. I feel that if I hadn't served a mission I wouldn't have realized the kind of person I am capable of becoming. Like I am doing really hard things that I never thought I could do before, and I'm getting better everyday. I can really see that Heavenly Father is really helping me become the kind of person he wants me to be. My testimony just grows so much everyday, we were talking yesterday as kabahays, we are SO grateful for the testimonies we are building here, because as the world out there gets crazier and crazier (and it sounds like it is), we are really going to need to have a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So please, read your scriptures every day, go to church, pray together, do all those good things because it helps us face this crazy world :) 

Aaay naku this week has been crazy. Two of our investigators moved without telling us and another texted us saying she wanted us to take back the Aklat Ni Mormon we gave her. Oh well haha...

But then Heavenly Father really blessed us later on! Michelle Angelie, the cute little 9 year old part member we are teaching passed her Baptismal interview and will be baptized next week so yay! And her family is starting to come back to church so yay! We also taught a really good L1 to this guy and his son who was saying he really felt like he needed a change and was so willing to accept the baptism invitation. 

We are also teaching this Tatay (old man), Tatay Pablo. He is 78 years old and reads the book of mormon everyday and he came to church on Sunday with us. It was so funny, he called us the night before saying how excited he was and to make sure we were still coming by to pick him up. Then he texted us a 6 am the next morning saying he was ready and waiting for us! Haha he is so shy but so so smart, and he said he was excited to go to church again next week. 

Well I love you so much! I love this work, I really feel so blessed everyday to be here.

Mahal Kita!

-Sister Behunin