Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May!

Oh how I loved May back home when it was beautiful and the weather was nice. Now May just means it's officially THE hottest time of year. Man it is so hot. I can't even describe it. BUT it's okay because I'm on the Lord's errand, so who cares!

I'm excited for Skyping next week, and actually kind of nervous. I've been pretty good about not being homesick so far, but I'm worried after I actually see you guys it will hit and I will just cry the whole time. Pray for me. 

The work is GREAT! I am learning sooo much from sister Esquillo. It's great having another Filipino companion because It's really forcing me to learn Tagalog. We had 17 miracles this week, 17 new investigators that we found through FAMILIES! I can't even describe how wonderful it is for us to teach families. I have really seen here how important the family is in this whole enduring to the end thing. Almost all of the recent converts we have here who are inactive are inactive because they don't have support in their family. So I am so grateful for you family for the love and support! I hope someday to create a gospel centered home really because I am seeing how important it is. 

Let me tell you something about Filipinos. They are so nice. Like so nice that when we go tracting, 90 percent of the time people will make return appointments with us just because they are too nice to say no. It's great, but terrible because it just means later on when we come back they say, "oh, sorry, busy kami, tulog kami, next time na lang" etc. etc. It's frustrating sometimes but hey I guess it's better than people yelling at us or letting dogs loose on us.  

My favorite thing are the KIDS! There are soo many kids here. It's great because in some of our areas we will go and like 20 kids will follow after us yelling "seeesters! Hi seeesters! Up here seeesters!" They are so CUTE! 

We had an oym yesterday where we started talking to a couple, and the husband just immediately starts asking all these questions about our religion, like "what's your doctrine, who is this Smith guy.." and we come to find out that he was born Catholic but is currently looking for the "right" religion, and he had looked up the church before but had never taken the lessons. I'm thinking "well hey, guess what we have what you're looking for" but he refused to set an appointment because he was too busy. We directed him to Mormon.org because he didn't want to meet with any missionaries, so siguro someday. 

Anyway, that's all I can think of for this week. I LOVE YOU and can't wait to see you on Monday through a computer screen :)

Kitakits next week na lang! yaaay!

Sister Behunin