Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It's transfer week! Sorry I forgot to tell you p day is a day later...I of course am staying in Antipolo, my new trainer is coming on Friday because she's flying from mindoro apparently...more updates on that next week!

Congratulations to Matthew and Elise! I'm so happy Clark came healthy and happy! What a guwapo little boy :)
Sister Dolino and I made it a goal to not be "trunky" this week, meaning even though transfers are here we would still work our hardest. And we have truly seen miracles! We have two baptisms scheduled for this month, both are part-member girls, one is nine who's family is less active and the other is a 13 year old named Dalen. Dalen is so sweet and she has such a strong desire to be baptized, she comes to church with her Lola because her parents are not members. Her mom is reserved about letting her daughter be baptized so we are hoping the Lola will talk to her....because obviously if her mom says no there is nothing we can do about that..

We oym-ed a single mom the other day, and while we were introducing ourselves and the church, we asked if she knew how much God loved her and she got really quiet and then completely broke down crying. It turns out she was baptized years ago in her province but has been completely inactive for a long long time. Another miracle is that she is good friends with the mom of the nine year old getting baptized this next month. So that was amazing, hopefully we can get both of them active again! 

Apparently the Philippines has been experiencing record heat (like 120 degrees F in some areas) so we were blessed in that we had Sister's conference on one of the hottest days, which meant we were inside all day. Sister's conference was great! We basically had a whole day of all us sister missionaries where we worked out, watched a movie, played games, exchanged clothes, had workshops, it was so so nice. It was like a big party! It was the last for Sister Revillo because we are getting a new Mission President in June..weird how soon that is! 

The weirdest thing I ate this week was cheese flavored Ice cream. I really don't recommend it. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for hours. 

Anyway the work is great! We've really been teaching a lot of new people so I'm excited to see what we can get done this next transfer! We have one family, the Santos family, that is progressing so much, but the mom has doubts about getting baptized because she has already been baptized as a born-again christian. Of course it's hard to tell anyone that their baptism wasn't valid but...we can do it! (nicely of course) I have so much faith that Heavenly Father has a plan for this family and of course for all the people here! 

Anyway I love you! Keep me updated and thanks for the love! 

-Sister Behunin