Sunday, April 10, 2016

You Can do Hard Things!

Hi Family!

I would like to personally thank you mom for the "you can do hard things" quote you gave me growing up. MAN this is such a hard work. But I love it so much just the same. We got punted I felt like a million times this week, but it's okay because I can do hard things! A lot of our plans and back up plans, and back up back up plans, fell through, which means we spent a lot of time OYMing (tracting, knocking on doors) but on the bright side of that I really improved at my talking to strangers skills. 

Conference was great! Oh it was like a thanksgiving feast for the soul. Such a powerful beginning from Elder Eyring, I felt like the Savior was right there with me. And then the conclusion by Elder Holland! SO POWERFUL. I really hope everyone takes what he said to heart. Tomorrow is a good day, we can do and even ENJOY hard things because our Heavenly Father loves us for trying! 

In TWO lessons this week the investigators said they could actually understand what I was saying! Yay for improvement! Haha I don't know if I should be happy that my Tagalog is getting better or sad that no one has been understanding me for the past 7 weeks. Okay lang, I'm just happy I'm getting better :) 

Hope all is well back home, I will try to remember some good stories for next week mom, (sorry). 
Remember the words of Eric Kaestner: "Es gibt nichts gutes, ausser man tut es."

Mahal Kayo! 
-Sister Behunin