Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kumusta ka family!

We have been so blessed in finding this week! Sister Dolino and I decided to pull our focus from one of our areas and focus on finding in new areas, and oh man our prayers have been answered. Holy Week is pretty big here so nobody had work, and we were able to find a lot of families to teach! Yay for families!

I really loved the "Hallelujah" Easter video the church put out, we were able to use it in a lot of our lessons. I cried like every time we watched it, even though I really couldn't understand what it was saying because we had the Tagalog version. I mean here in the Philippines pretty much everyone is Catholic, and they put a lot of emphasis on the death of Jesus Christ. I mean of course it's important to remember that our Savior died for us, but really the most important thing is that because He died for us, and because He was resurrected we can live again. Hallelujah! 

I've decided to focus on Christ like attributes every week, and last weeks was patience because I need the most help on that one. It's really been helping me, I've tried my best to be patient when meetings go too long, when we get a lot of rejection, when I'm struggling with the Tagalog. And overall I've really felt like those things are actually becoming easier. I was thinking because you know we all have that person we idolize, or are jealous of, or want to be like, when actually we all really should just be doing our best to become more like the Savior. He's truly the only example of perfection we have, you know? 

I'm excited for General Conference! We are getting it broadcast to us a week later than you guys so NO SPOILERS! 


Be good, remember who you are.

-Sister Behunin