Monday, March 21, 2016

1st Baptism and Temple Day!

Sorry it's a day late, we had temple day today which means P day is today as well. 
My heart is so full! Seth was baptized on Saturday and it was such a wonderful experience! However he didn't come to church on Sunday so he's not yet confirmed....so that's just something we are waiting on haha.

The temple this morning was a good experience. It's such a wonderful familiar feeling at the temple, I mean because I'm in this country where everything I do and see and smell is so different from back home, but when I'm in the temple I feel more at home than ever. It makes me realize how wonderful heaven's going to be! I mean we all have these completely different lives here on earth but it's what we are working toward that is the same for everyone in the world. 

Family I am just so happy. The first few weeks were so hard but now I'm just loving the work. This is such a great county and the people are awesome and I just want to share the gospel with all of them. The Tagalog of course is still a struggle but I know as long as I continue trying it will come.

We had zone conference the other week which was so great as well. There were a lot of words directed towards the missionaries getting ready to head home, things like "it's never too late to improve, to be a consecrated missionary!" and I'm over here like "I still have like 15 months! Yay I can give it my all right now!" I just have such high expectations for myself and for the work I get to do here. I know it's gonna be short and I don't want to regret anything. 

Dad, don't worry about me and my safety. Our mission rules are specifically given to keep anything from happening. Ex:"Oh be wise, what can I say more." Haha joke lang. I'll be safe don't worry :) 

I love you! The church is true! 

-Sister Behunin