Sunday, March 13, 2016

Everything is more fun in the Philippines!

Haha I see that saying everywhere. And it's true! 

Seriously this country is so great. People always smiling, laughing. It's officially getting hotter here. The cold showers are becoming more and more of a blessing haha. 

The ward I'm in is so great about missionary work. The last Sunday of every month the ward has a "one day mission" where we get to go out with ward members for a couple of hours and they basically do the work with us, finding less-actives and part-member families, sharing lessons, knocking on doors (well actually no one knocks on doors they just stand outside and yell "tao po!"), it's so awesome. Really one thing I've really learned is the power of members in the missionary work. We can't do it without them, so always help out the missionaries! 
We've had an awesome first few lessons with a nanay we found through a referral from a sister in the ward. She's got a baptismal date but she struggles getting to church because of her health and is worried she can't afford to pay tithing. She already has the strongest testimony though, I know that Heavenly Father's got a plan for her!

I met a sister at one day mission, Sister Baluyot. She's got her mission call to the Salt Lake City mission! Yay! If she ever ends up in our area please feed her and love her for me :) 

I love Antipolo because I get to meet such a wide range of people. We've taught people from the poorest circumstances, as well as people who are more wealthy who live in "american" sized homes. Honestly though these people are SO HUMBLE, they are so happy with what they have, even though a lot of them have so little. Never take for granted the things that matter most!

The language is still hard, of course, but I'm getting better, unti-unti everyday. 

It's starting to get really hot which is terrible but it's fine. I just have to get used to sweating all the time haha. 

We have a baptism this Saturday! His name is Seth, he's a teenager from a part member family, and I am so excited for him! Apparently he's been taking the lessons for awhile so I'm happy this is hopefully finally happening for him. 

Karaoke is really big here haha. Sunday's are crazy because everywhere we go there are big groups of people just singing karaoke, it's so great. 

I really am growing so so much here. I am not only meeting all sorts of new people but I am growing spiritually as well. I really look forward to the hour I have of study every morning, because I just love learning more about the gospel! There's a line in PMG that says that the more we learn about the Atonement, the bigger our desire to share the gospel. And it's true! I just want everyone to know the wonderful role of the Savior in our lives! I mean where would we be right now without the Atonement? Aahh the church is so true.

Well I love you, make good choices, go about doing good, etc etc. 

I love you! Continue updating me on life back home! 

-Sister Behunin 

ps mom and dad no we don't wear helmets on the tricycles. Don't worry though they are relatively safe haha.