Sunday, February 28, 2016

Not in Kansas Anymore

Kumusta ka pamilya! 

I'm in the Philippines. Teaching people and stuff. It's weird because we spend all this time preparing for our missions, in the MTC talking about our missions, and now I'm actually in this new crazy place actually being a missionary doing missionary things.

I'm in the city of Antipolo. It's more up in the mountains away from metro Manila/Quezon city, but its still a very busy city. Sister Dolino says it's the tricycle capital of the Philippines haha there are SO MANY. Tricycles are these motorcycles with a side car attached. We pretty much get everywhere in them. The drivers are crazy, i'm pretty sure there are no traffic rules in this country. . One of my teachers at the Philippines MTC described it as "fill in the blank" driving. If there's a gap you fill it in. So basically everyone is changing lanes all the time, it's like taking the Indiana Jones ride everywhere we go haha. There are tons of people. And dogs. and cats. Everywhere. All the time. It's all very different but I love it.

My nanay (mom) is so so wonderful. Honestly I've been praying for a good trainer and my prayers have been answered. Sister Dolino is from Tacloban, she's been out a little more than a year and takes good care of me. She's good about letting me get out of my comfort zone, you know having me conduct lessons and teach along with her. The only thing that is really frustrating is my Tagalog. I feel like I forgot everything I learned in the MTC, and I feel like I can't really contribute to lessons because I don't really understand what's being said or how to really say anything myself. It's frustrating, but I know it will come with time. It's just going to be hard for awhile. 
We are teaching quite a few investigators, including the Catubay family, who were supposed to get baptized this week but we found out the mom and dad weren't married, (even though they told us they were) so they are working on that. We are praying it will work out soon. They are such a sweet, sincere family of five, and they are all getting baptized except for the youngest, who is six. 

The food is great, I'm getting used to eating rice all the time. I haven't really had much of a culture "shock", more of a culture "well that's different". I'm getting used to taking freezing cold showers and huge cockroaches and washing my laundry in a bucket, but honestly I'm enjoying it all. I like that I spend all day everyday thinking about the people we are teaching and how we can help them and learning more about the gospel. 
Pray that I can learn Tagalog haha. 

Sorry I didn't take many pictures this week I've just been kind of taking it all in. I'll do better next time :)
Email me anything you have questions about.. 

Love you!  

-Sister Behunin