Sunday, February 21, 2016

Magandang Umaga!

Well this has honestly been the hardest week so far. 

On Saturday during one of our lessons Sister Whaley full on passed out. It was weird and we thought you know she's tired or dehydrated but then it kept happening. She was passing out multiple times a day, even though she was eating and drinking water, and on Sunday morning when she passed out for the third time we ended up going to the emergency room, I rode in the ambulance with her and everything (which I'm not going to lie, it was not as cool as I imagined it would be haha), and now she's on temporary medical release until they can figure out what's going on. 

It's just crazy to think that a week ago we were talking about all the cool experiences we were going to have in the Philippines, and how excited we both were to be leaving, and now her mission is probably getting cut short. We still don't know for sure if she's going home or not, but either way having her leave the MTC two days before we left was so so hard for our district. The three of us in our companionship just cried our eyes out when we found out she had to leave. Why would the Lord call my companion to the Philippines if she was just going to end up spending her mission in the MTC? 
Our teacher showed us a video about the Atonement and missionary work and it helped so much. I don't have the answers to everything but I know that our Savior knows exactly what this feels like. And every other hard, painful thing we go through. We go through difficult experiences so that we can grow, and also so that we can learn to rely on our Savior Jesus Christ. Our devotional speaker last night was Elder Rasband and he was able to answer my question..he said every missionary is called to their specific mission, through revelation to a prophet of God. Even when missions get changed due to medical circumstances, that change happens through the proper authority. I have no idea why this is happening to Sister Whaley, and honestly I can't even imagine how frustrated she must feel but, I feel that this all part of some bigger plan. Kaya Natin! 

Anyway, I'm excited to leave, even though now I'm the only sister on my flight. Wish us luck! 

-Sister Behunin