Thursday, February 4, 2016

Isa Month!

Kumusta po kayo pamilya ko! 

I've been here for a month now, isn't that crazy? Although we teach every day, I feel like I won't be getting any real mission experiences until I actually head out to the field. To answer mom's question, our progressing investigators are our teachers representing people they taught on their own missions. We try to make it as real as an experience as possible so we can benefit from them, and get used to teaching different kinds of people. Once a week we teach at the TRC which are real lessons to members of the church. They are acting as themselves, so we really have to rely on the spirit in the lesson to teach what they need to hear. Tonight and next week we get to skype and teach a Filipino who is likely a member, but we won't actually know for sure until tonight. I'm excited and kinda nervous. But basically that describes every day and every lesson so that's nothing new! 
A lot of people don't believe we can teach people who already know about the gospel, but I feel like that's where the whole "enduring to the end" thing kinda comes in. Conversion is not a once in a lifetime event, it's something we need to try to experience every day. Which is why we read the Book of Mormon over and over and go to church and watch General Conference and continue to go to the temple. We can always learn something new and have our testimonies added to, and I just love that. The Gospel never gets boring to me. You can ask my Kasamas, every time I read the Book of Mormon I find something new to get excited about! Haha and I always have to share something with them. 

Anyway, as far as this week goes, not too much is new. We got to go to temple square with Sister B and the other international missionaries, it was a short trip but it felt nice to get out into the world a little bit. Although in about two weeks I'll be getting into the world A LOT haha. Also the group who came in before us left this week so me and my kasamas got made STL's. Which just means we make sure the newer sisters are doing okay. 

The language is coming. And going. Haha no actually I made it a goal to learn 30 new words every day which has helped a lot. I think I'm learning more than I realize I'm learning. 

I saw Sister Baugh while I was hosting which was awesome, she's looks great and I know she'll be a great missionary. 

I love you all, thanks for the love and support! Magandang Araw! 
-Sister Behunin