Monday, July 17, 2017

'Til We Meet Again

Magandang Hapon family!

Well I don't want to sit here crying about how this is my last email home so I'll just get straight to the miracles that happened this week!

Jesse and Kenneth were baptized! We had such an amazing turn out from the ward, we are so grateful for the support! They are both miracles, Heavenly Father truly prepares people for the gospel and I am grateful to have been a part of these people's lives! Kenneth and Jesie were both completed families, meaning that they are the last member of their family to be baptized. It was amazing to see the support of their families, all there to see their loved ones enter the waters of baptism. The miracle is that not only have they accepted the gospel into their lives, but the goal of entering the temple and being sealed as a family is in the picture as well! I have really learned that this gospel is what really brings families together, and I am so grateful for the priesthood and for the temples that we have on the earth so we can be together forever! I hope someday to see that these families are entering the temple to be sealed for time and eternity. :)

I had a wonderful exchange this week with sister Sarto in Morong. She is an amazing sister and has inspired me to always treasure every moment as a missionary, especially as this is my last week to be able to say the words "I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". Haha the funny thing about Morong is that it's out in the province, and there are not as many people out there are as there are here in the city! So I learned the importance of opening our mouths about the Gospel to everyone we can haha!  I learned soo much from her during our 24 hours together and I am so grateful I got to exchange with her :)

I just want to write how grateful I am for my mission experience. My 18 months as a full time missionary has been just too fast. I have developed such a great love the Filipino people and I am sad to be going home. I know that this Gospel is true, that it really has been restored on the earth by a prophet in these latter-days. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way that our families can find eternal happiness. My understanding of the plan of salvation has grown so so much during my time here, and my perspective on life has become much more eternal :) I am grateful for the examples of the faithful members here in the Philippines, especially those I have been able to teach, and to see take that huge leap of faith in accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father truly loves all His children, in every corner of the world and I am grateful to be an instrument in bringing some of them to the Gospel. I don't want this to end! But it will..:( and I only pray I can give it my all this last week that I have. I love you all so much and I am grateful for your support as I have been here. :) 

Mahal ko kayo! Ingat kayo! see you soon :)

-Sister Behunin 

Exchanges in Morong! :)

Sweet is the Work

Magandang Umaga family!

Well things this week have been...I guess the best word to describe it is Celestial. :) There is really no better work to be a part of than full-time service to the Lord. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is becoming to me more than just principles learned in Sunday school, it's really something that changes lives and helps us to find true, eternal happiness :)

Our part-member investigator, Kenneth, as progressed more than ever now that we have full support from the young men's presidency, they have been getting him to youth activities and he is really getting the fellowshipping that he needs. The first time he came to church he said he felt pretty shy and then he missed a week. Now that he has friends, he hasn't missed a week and he is so excited to be baptized this upcoming Saturday :) He is really a miracle in our area!

We had another miracle with Jesse, another one of our investigators. Long story short, Jesse has been waiting a long long time to be baptized, and President Koster was finally able to interview him yesterday before church, and President said he is ready! Jesse is going to be baptized along with Kenneth this upcoming Saturday! He had a big smile on his face the rest of church, it has been such a joy to be able to see this change in him, I have really grown along with him! Although I can't really explain too much about Jesse, I can really testify that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can be made clean, and our burdens can be made light. We can truly change through repentance! 

Zone conference was amazing, I had to give my Pauwi (going home) testimony. It's hard to believe I'm at this point in my mission, I know I'm going to be home soon but I'm trying to focus on just giving it my all and "sprinting to the end" as they say haha :) 

Exchanges with Sister Quebec was great! I am inspired by her dedication and her love for the work. I have been living in the same apartment with her since I've been here in Antipolo, and I have really grown to love her! 

MLC was also great as usual, we are going to blow all false limitations out this month of July! I love being a part of the best mission in the world :) 

We had another small miracle with our investigator Genevine. We recently taught her about the Word of Wisdom, and committed her to stop drinking coffee and tea ( it's hard to believe but actually hot coffee is pretty popular in this tropical country haha). She has really gained a testimony of the Restoration so she committed to live the word of wisdom. Then the last time we went to visit her, her husband was just going out and asked Genevine if she wanted him to get her some coffee, she just smiled at us and said "just get me milo" (milo is a kind of hot chocolate). To top it off she even told her husband that he should stop drinking coffee as well haha. (he hasn't entirely accepted our message yet but his time will come!) It's such a blessing to see our investigators really accept and live the principles we teach them. She is amazing! 

Like I said, this work is amazing and sometimes I wish I could be a part of it forever. The statement "come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are" has rung true to me as I have grown so much throughout my experiences here.

I love you! More miracles to come :) mahal kita
-Sister Beh

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Magandang Umaga family!
The rainy season is here! It's so great how the weather can go from flaming hot to pouring rain and back in no time at all, we are always caught off guard haha! We crossed a lot of flood waters this week to get to our investigators but we are good! :)
We really had a miracle week this week. So many things are happening everyday in our area and we are so excited! We had an Family Home Evening at the Dillera home and invited the Ward Mission Leader and a brother from the Elder's Quorum and it was so much fun! We just had a simple lesson and played some simple games and Tatay Dillera opened up so so much! Him and Nanay were laughing so hard it was fun! It was a really nice opportunity to help the ward fellowship their family in a more relaxed setting. Tatay still hasn't entirely gotten over his shyness but he is progressing so much. We know him and Nanay are going to join their daughters at church soon :) 
I've decided that finding referrals in the Philippines is truly an act of faith haha. A lot of people don't have exact addresses, just street names and names of general areas/neighborhoods. We spent so much time trying to contact a referral who's address was literally "Dalig 3 (a very large neighborhood) close to sampaloc". (It took sister richards and I ages to find out that sampaloc is a kind of tree haha). We just pray, and then we ask everyone we see if they know the person haha. Sometimes we don't always find the referral but I've learned that sometimes the reason we really need to find referrals is so that we can meet someone along the way who is ready for our message. :) 
Our little miracle Kenneth is progressing so much and is going to be baptized on July 15Last sunday at church the young men presidency took such good care of him, after church he told us he is excited for his baptism! He is 14 years old, and the only non member in his family other than his father. His mom and siblings are all members, but his mom goes to church on and off because of work. He also lives right next door to the Bishop so that's been a huge help haha :). We are so excited for him! 
I love this work so much! My testimony builds every single day of how much Heavenly Father loves His children, He is always preparing ways for us to find His children who are ready to receive the gospel. :)
Mahal ko kayo lahat! Ingat kayo palagi :) 
-Sister Behunin 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Temple day

Magandang Hapon family!

I'm on late this week because we had our temple day today so our p day got moved to Wednesday  for this week....but what an amazing blessing to be able to go to the temple! I really feel so much peace and comfort every time we get to go :)

Anyway it's started to hit me that everything is at it's lasts. Last temple day and last zone interviews were this week. It was so nice to have an interview with President Koster, he is the best! Haha we spent half the interview talking about our area and the other half talking about adjusting to the idea that I will be home soon.  It's crazy to think the next time I have an interview with President Koster it will be my exit interview! It's so strange to talk about because I really don't feel like it's true. I still feel like I have so much time left to do this amazing work!

We had a truly amazing week this week! We are seeing miracles left and right in our area. One of of investigators, Genivine, told us that she prayed about our message and the Book of Mormon and she believes it's true! Her story goes like this: She was up late one night because of her 1 year old son, and while her baby was falling back asleep she said she was thinking about the things we were teaching her, and she just decided to pray and ask if it was all true. She said it was like her mind lit up, and all her thoughts became so clear, and she truly felt that Heavenly Father was answering her! It's such a testimony builder to me, because everyday as missionaries we testify that anyone who has a sincere heart, who prays about the Restoration, who reads and prays about the Book Of Mormon, can receive an answer. And then it happens! And people's lives are changed because of it. Genivine has come to church twice now and has a desire to be baptized. We are still working things out with her husband but she is truly progressing so much. She's amazing!

Salamat sa pagmamahal niyo! Mahal ko kayo! :) Love you all!

-Sister Behunin

unplanned acts of service haha. Thanks dad for teaching me how to garden ;) 

1, at church

2 at church

3 in our area

Miracle Sunday

Magandang umaga po family! Happy Father's day to the best tatay there is! :)
Oh my gulay we had another miracle week! I can really see through every storm (literal and spiritual haha) and trial Heavenly Father is helping us to grow! 
This week started out pretty rough...we got a lot of rejection haha. Actually while we were proselyting in our area, we passed an American sitting outside his house. It's not very often we see other foreigners other than ourselves so we were a little bit caught off guard! But anyway, this guy was extremely anti-mormon. He called out to us saying he had a question for us, then proceeded to tell us all the reasons he thinks our beliefs are wrong, how much he hates Joseph Smith and the Mormons etc etc. Haha kept telling us that we needed to give up our religion! We realized how blessed we are to be serving in this country...because Filipinos are not like that at all! When Filipinos don't want to listen to us they just say "sorry I'm Catholic" and that's it! Anyway we just put on our best, nicest sister missionary faces and smiled at him and said, well have a nice day, and we walked off. I am sorry to all the missionaries out there who face that kind of rejection on a daily basis! You are so brave! Haha :) 
The week ended up super nice though. We were able to go on splits twice and it really helped our area! Last Wednesday I was on splits with a ward missionary named Aura, and while we were in a lesson it started pounding rain! The area we were in was a very flood-prone area and before too long the water was getting up to our knees. By the end of our lesson water was coming into the house! We asked our investigator about it and she was like "don't worry this is normal!" Haha the Philippines talaga. I'm gonna miss this place. Her house didn't flood too bad and before long the rain stopped and the water drained out. 
Then yesterday (sunday) we had the biggest miracle! Before going home for lunch (we have church in the afternoon so we proselyte in the morning) we felt to drop by a referral who said was available on Sundays, named Willy. We had tried to contact him before but he was never home, so we were so happy when he opened the door! The biggest miracle happened when he came to church that very afternoon! He had so many questions, "who's Joseph Smith?" "who were those two people that he saw?" "what happens inside your temple?" "why does everyone here keep calling me an 'investigator?'" haha he is truly prepared. We are so excited to teach him and we pray he will be able to fully accept the gospel into his life! 
Man, I love this country and I love this work! :)
Mahal ko kayo!
-Sister Behunin 

random acts of service, 

when all your teaching appointments fall through, 


happy fathers day!,

member visit with the Baluyot family (they have the cutest/biggest dog!)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MTC Tour

Hi family!
This week has been CRAZY busy! But there are miracles happening so it's all great in the service of the Lord :)
The Philippines MTC is a part of our mission, and some new buildings just got finished there so they decided to open the MTC for tours for members and investigators as a way to promote missionary work. And guess who gets to be the tour guides? The missionaries of the Quezon city mission ! Haha we have been crazy busy with preparing it and our zone and Morong zone were in charge of the tour for last Friday night and Saturday morning. :) It was fun to see the members and preparing missionaries to see what's at the MTC and to feel the spirit of missionary work that's there. It's exciting to see the MTC expanding as the missionary work moves forward in the Philippines! :)
The Dilllera sisters passed their interview and will be baptized this upcoming Saturday! We are soo excited for them! As they have been preparing for baptism we have also seen the progression of Nanay and Tatay Dillera, Nanay as been reading the Book of Mormon every day and her testimony is really growing. We know that as they continue to build their faith, they will be able to overcome the things that are keeping them from joining their daughters at church and being baptized as well :)
Salamat sa pagmamahal ninyo sa akin! Mahal ko kayo :) Ingat palagi!
-Sister Behunin  

1. family home evening :)
2. "celestial p day" at the mission home 
3. On the trike with sister Richards :) 

We had a district activity last p day to a place called cloud 9 where there is a 360 view of metro manila and of Antipolo. It was fun! :)

1-3: cloud 9 district activity

 4: District meeting

Baptisms and Area Broadcast

Magandang Umaga family!
This week was once again filled to the brim with miracles. I truly love this area and I love the ward here in Antipolo! This week is transfer week and Sister Richards and I are staying together, so she is my last companion! It's my last transfer (6 weeks) as a full time missionary and honestly it feels like I have an entire year left haha I don't feel like it's actually coming to an end. 18 months is crazy fast...
Anyway the three Dillera Sisters were baptized this last week! Their family was a referral from a member, and honestly their testimonies are amazing and powerful. Their mother came to the baptism and she cried hearing her daughters bear powerful testimonies of the Book of Mormon! After when we talked to Nanay Dillera she said "don't worry sisters it's close. Tatay and I will be baptized soon." The ward has been a huge support and we know that their mom and dad are going to follow soon and be baptized as well, when they are ready. :) 
We had a really nice Area Broadcast last Sunday at the Stake Center. Elder Bednar and some other general authorities gave some talks and it was a broadcast from Salt Lake City to all over the Philippines. I was really inspired when Elder Bednar talked about what it means to be a consecrated member of the Church. He talked about the importance of not just being willing to give all that we own to the Lord, but also willing to consecrate our whole selves-who we are-to being followers of Christ and in building the Kingdom of Heaven here in this life. It's truly amazing to me, to see myself as I have changed just as a missionary. Jesus Christ really makes it possible for us to become the people that we are meant to be! I have really learned as a missionary that it's one thing to repent and change our actions to become more like the Savior, but it's another thing to change who we are, change the desires and wills of our hearts to align with the will of Heavenly Father. Life is just full of miracles and It's amazing to me to be able to see hearts changing as people accept and live the Gospel!  
That's all for this week. Mahal ko kayo! :)
-Sister Behunin